Twitter Management and Publishing

SocialMotus brings together all your Twitter accounts into centralized platform. The secret to thriving Twitter community is building a network of engaged Twitter followers. Our manage followers section will help you cultivate your followers on Twitter and make important connections to build your business. Efficiently manage your Twitter community through our specialized URL shortener, advanced scheduled posts, bookmarklet and much, much more. You will also gain access to a wealth of targeted Twitter followers who have the potential to turn into lifelong customers with our Twitter tool. Now with the limited time you have, you know which users to best spend your time on depending on your objectives and cultivate your relationships with those users. Read more →

Twitter Monitoring & Engagement

For those with limited time on their hands, the amount of information flowingwithin Twitter can overwhelming. With the never-ending streams of tweets, there's a demand to cut through the noise to harvest useful information – without consuming your entire day. While most Twitter software simply allows you to engage with and monitor your Twitter community, SocialMotus takes this one step further by allowing you access advanced filters such as setting priority keywords. Now you’ll be alerted to any pressing questions and complaints so you can easily mitigate negative tweets and capitalize on positive tweets to build a loyal and supportive following. Read more →

Twitter Analysis & Tracking

Twitter is a powerful platform for building and growing solid relationships with new and existing customers. Yet it remains one of the key struggles businesses and marketers experience. But how do you pinpoint exactly what you’re doing right and what needs to be improved with Twitter analytics? SocialMotus measures your results in real time so you can determine how each Twitter account is performing and what aspects can be improved. Moreover, with our advanced tracking campaigns you can link your Twitter campaign to real business objectives. Armed with this information the task of growing your Twitter community as efficiently as possible no longer remain a pipe dream.
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