Track Results in Real Time

Tracking the success of your social marketing campaigns is at the heart of any effective marketing strategy. But more importantly, Social media conversations happen 24/7, so you need to be able to track results as they happen. This is where SocialMotus shines. Our sophisticated social marketing tools gather up-to-the minute date to show you where to best spend your time, from feedback on your Facebook page to a surge of re-tweets on one of your tweets on multiple accounts on Twitter; you’ll have everything you need to respond efficiently and effectively.

Track Conversions and Improve ROI

We understand that tracking your company’s social media performance is essential for improving your social media ROI and your business’s bottom line. That’s why SocialMotus provides comprehensive reports on the effectiveness and reach of your social media campaigns against set benchmarks. View performance over time to identify trends or drill down to determine the results of how specific content is being consumed across social media channels including clicks, views, mentions, re-tweets, responses or conversion rates. Then easily export the data for further analysis or to present to various company departments.