One-click post to multiple accounts

With the click of a few buttons your content will be broadcast to multiple accounts simultaneously, whether it is immediately or scheduled for a later time. More importantly, by using our URL link shortener, you’ll be able to quickly understand how effective the message was in achieving specific marketing objectives such as increased websites visitors etc.

Schedule posts for appropriate delivery

Social media conversations are happening 24/7, so we’ve designed our social media tool to work around the clock for you. You have everything you need to plan ahead and schedule and manage your posts automatically. Schedule your once off or recurring posts to publish at a later time. Then pop over to the schedule section to easily view scheduled posts. We will take care of the delivery so you can reach your audience even when you’re sleeping.

Optimal Scheduler to boost engagement

Due to the thousands of messages being sent across Facebook and Twitter, it is easy for your message to get lost amongst all the clutter. Our Optimal Scheduler automatically queues and delivers content at optimal times throughout the day when your fans and followers are most likely to see and engage with it. The best part is, unlike the other optimal timing tools on the market, you can choose the day it’s scheduled without being limited to the number of messages that can be delivered each day using this feature.

Bookmarklet for quick content creation

Quickly share interesting content with your friends, fans and followers. Adding the SocialMotus bookmarklet to your internet browser toolbar allows you to post messages from your internet browser bar without having to leave the page you’re on! Simply click on it when you want to post a message using content from the webpage you are on.