Monitor your brand 24/7

Trying to filter through to find relevant conversations around your brand, industry and competitors is overwhelming and incredibly time consuming. With our SocialMotus social media monitoring software, you simply set up keyword streams for Twitter and Facebook. Then SocialMotus automatically delivers relevant conversations for you to quickly respond to. Moveover, placing your mouse over their username brings you a wealth of information to assist you in determining how to best interact with them.

Set up keyword exclusions

We understand that while you want to monitor conversations around important keywords, it doesn’t mean you want to view all these conversations. SocialMotus allows you to set up keyword to continuously exclude from you your keyword stream. If you prefer, you can also exclude keywords when you are viewing the results. Now you can narrow down the results to bring you only the conversations that matter to you.

Keyword match filtering

Even though you may only monitor results for certain keywords, on different occasions you might find you want to view results for similar keywords as well. SocialMotus has you covered. Within our advanced settings, you can choose whether to view results that contain the keyword only, or results that also contain similar keywords. This helps you widen the results that are brought to your fingertips. Now you’ll never miss an opportunity to engage in a relevant conversation.

Assign monitoring tasks to team members

At times you’ll come across a message best suited to a fellow team member. Rather than going out of your way to notify them, with our tasks assignment function, you can quickly assign these messages to other members. Then when they go to their tasks assigned folders, the message will be there ready for them to respond to. Moreover, you have the option of adding a note to ensure the message is responded to in the most effective manner.