Efficiently manage all accounts

Managing multiple social accounts continues to be a challenge for businesses and marketers alike. The key issue? Finding the time in your busy day to effectively manage these accounts and create real value for your business!
SocialMotus allows you to manage all your Twitter and Facebook accounts from one simple, user-friendly platform. Now you can coordinate the various aspects of your social media campaigns through one interface to fast track your social media tasks.

Add multiple team members

SocialMotus enables multiple team members to contribute to your accounts to ensure you continue to build a strong social community. Moreover, you can allocate roles to each team members to ensure they only access areas they are responsible for. Co-ordination between team members has never been easier. Assign tasks to other members and add notes to ensure engagements and conversations are promptly and effectively handled.

Promote through Twitter autoresponders

With this feature you have another tool under your belt to promote new products/services, marketing campaigns, promotional material, blog, newsletter and so forth. Using SocialMotus, you can create a unique autoresponder, or multiple autoresponders for each of your twitter accounts and alternate between different autoresponders depending on your marketing objectives at the time.

Manage high value followers

You can grow and manage your community completely using our social management software. You’ll be able to view your followers, non-followers, those you should consider following, their location and their gender. Moreover, with our advanced social media management tools, you can discover top influencers and most active users who can drive the most awareness for your brand. Now with the limited time you have, you can focus your time on high value followers and cultivate your relationships with those users.