Engagement through one inbox

SocialMotus helps you connect, interact and directly respond to your Facebook and Twitter network through our simple, user-friendly interface. Our engagement inbox brings to you all your engagements across Twitter and Facebook accounts. You then have the option to filter through to respond to users for specific accounts and specific types of engagements such as mentions, retweets and so forth, as well as quickly assign them to appropriate team members.

Quickly respond to priority messages

SocialMotus isn’t just a simple social media solution, our intelligent priority keyword system filters through large volumes of conversations to bring the most urgent messages to your attention. You simply need to set up priority keywords. Then when Twitter and Facebook messages directed at your account contain these keywords (help, support, issue etc), the message will be flagged as a priority message.

With this top of the range Twitter and Facebook tool, you’ll never miss an opportunity to build loyalty through alleviating concerns and creating meaningful connections.

Assign engagement tasks to team members

At times you’ll come across a message best suited to a fellow team member. Rather than going out of your way to notify them, with our tasks assignment function, you can quickly assign these messages to other members. Then when they go to their tasks assigned folders, the message will be there ready for them to respond to. Moreover, you have the option of adding a note to ensure the message is responded to in the most effective manner.

Advanced filtering within different engagements

We understand that within each type of engagement, there are certain messages that take precedent over others at any given moment. That’s why we’ve added advanced filters inside each engagement type. You can narrow down the messages that appear by simply typing in the keyword it must contain. Now you can view everything from engagements from a specific user to all messages on a new product and much, much more.