Discover leads who follow similar users

Users follow a company, brand or product because they are interested in the company offering and/or their tweets. If you provide the same offering or a similar style of tweets, chances are the user will be interested in you. So when you start following them, you’ll likely gain a targeted Twitter follower in return.

Discover specialized Twitter list owners

Users create Twitter lists to group together users they believe offer valuable information on this topic. These users view tweets in Twitter lists when they’re most interested in learning about a specific topic. If your Twitter account or content is appropriate, they may also add you to their specialized Twitter list as well as following you back.

Discover leads who retweet similar users

Users retweet others when they find their content valuable enough to share with their own Twitter community. If you post similar content to those they are already retweeting, you are more likely to be retweeted by these users as well.

Discover Twitter users by interest

Users often describe their interest in their profile descriptions or post about the topic in their descriptions. If you offer products that may be helpful to these users or their Twitter followers, they will be interested in your tweets.

Advanced filters

With each leads discovery tool, you can access our advanced filters. These filters not only ensure only legitimate Twitter accounts are displayed in the results, it allows you to refine the type of user appearing in the results. More specifically, you can specify what keywords their profile description or Twitter list must contain.