Track performance & conversion rates

Measuring the value of social media is a key challenge for businesses and marketers alike. Our advanced tracking campaign system makes tracking conversions easy. Simply create your tracking campaign and assign any message sent through SocialMotus to a specific tracking campaign. SocialMotus will then aggregate the results of all the posts within each campaign. Now you can have in your hands a range of statistics from what messages drive the most engagement, to how it has helped you achieve your marketing objectives.

Track Conversions and Improve ROI over time

With SocialMotus, you’ll be able to quickly track the effectiveness and reach of your social media campaigns over time. View performance trends to identify trends or drill down to determine the results of how specific content is being consumed across Twitter and Facebook including clicks, views, mentions, re-tweets, responses or conversion rates. Then easily export the data for further analysis or to present to various company departments.

Real time social analytics

You will be able to access a range of real-time statistics for every message delivered through our platform. Whether it be the number of clicks or retweets to the exact days and time period with the most engagements for your messages. With our high level Facebook and Twitter software, you’ll have all the information you need from our to best allocate your limited time and resources, offer the most relevant content to your target market, increase engagement with potential customers and increase your social media ROI quickly!